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Your Essential  Guide to Buying An

Equestrian Property

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Why Anyone Thinking About Buying a Horse Farm Should Read This Guide!
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This real estate guide has been designed and researched by equestrians for equestrians. Covering important information about buying and owning a horse farm.

We cover the 7 key concepts you should know before buying an equestrian property.

Easily compare up to date real estate prices from over 60 equestrian properties from across the GTA and Golden Horse Shoe area.

Explore your options with different property styles, sizes and features from 10 popular horsey regions across the GTA.

The guide is 100% user friendly and easy to navigate making it a breeze to learn more about equestrian property ownership. You can also view it from any device.

With access to this guide you will also get practical (and excellent) access to hands-on equestrian home tours, rural living information, annual price reports and much more!

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We're Here to Offer Practical and Proven Advice for People Buying and Selling Equestrian Homes across Ontario.

What equestrian doesn't fantasize about one day owning an equestrian property? 

The freedom to run your own barn how you see fit, to have your horses just a short stroll from your front door and knowing they are safe and sound at all times.

Whether you are looking for a hobby horse farm, a small private barn or a high-end equestrian facility, our Equestrian Real Estate Guide is an excellent place to start.  

We understand that most people looking for am equestrian property have concerns when it comes to FINANCING, TIME MANAGEMENT, FUTURE OPPORTUNITY and WHERE TO START with buying the right property for you and your horses.  

We are here to help!

With our lifetime of being immersed in horses and horse care, as well as our decade long experience in investment real estate, we can provide you with a unique insight into buying and owning a horse farm. 


You don't know us (yet!) but our world revolves around horses. We've been riding for most of our lives, primarily in the show-jumping discipline and continue to do it every day. In fact, we are so horse crazy that even when we go on vacation you can find us on a ranch switching out our Bute Saddles for Western ones. 

You can read more about us in the guide, how we got started in real estate and why we've finally made the move to Equestrian and Country Home Real Estate.

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The Equestrian Real Estate Guide

by Aimee Wesson & JP Gulbis

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